Family Ties.

So if the main person in your family life, your only parent, the one who supposedly raised you and carried you, is turning out to create so much worry, drama, blind selfishness, and chaos in your life, no longer supporting and at all like you would think your only parent would be for their eldest child who they hardley see or speak to, what do you do?


Do you cut losses?  Sever the drama of their lifestyle which seems to have lost all realisation and grip of reality the ‘real world’ and focus on creating your own life, your job your friends and be thankful that at least you have broken free of that small, black bubble and finally found your way to some remote sanity?


I think so.  I refer to my last blog, the re-blog which quotes ‘life is too short’ and I also quote ‘do not waste time with people who do not love you’.


Life is too short to pander other peoples crazyness, drunken attention seeking, selfishly created dramas, even if they are your parents.  You have enough trouble keeping your own sanity, relationships, family life together let alone dealing with your own parents anger, guilt, frustrations and insanity when they push it onto you. 


This is my own opinion, from my own experience.  Sometimes you cannot try for everyone else, anymore.



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