About Zowie

So I figured, everyone else is doing it, so why the hell don’t I give it a go?!

I was encouraged to be creative in as many ways as possible by my late Grandmother from as far back as I can remember.  The women from my mother’s side have always had a creative flare, my Grandmother brilliantly so,  and it is her influence that lead me to painting.

Since moving to Portsmouth, Hampshire in April 2011, I re-discovered my passion for it.  I took it up as a hobby and created pieces as gifts for friends and family as I was quite broke at the time and thought, rather than spending money on nick-nacks that people would probably not even like, place on a shelf and forget about, I could give them something that I thought about and made myself.  Even if they pretend to like it in front of me and then hide in a corner at least I put some thought to it?!

As it turns out, I might actually have a bit of a dab hand at painting.  In October 2011 I was whisked away to a castle by my Knight in Shining Armour and it was this person and a fellow artist friend who encouraged me to have a bit more confidence in my ability.  So I took up a couple of more projects that turned out OK and now here we are!

I will be using this page to post my ideas, projects and progress.. I would love all your comments, feedback and opinions so I can critique my progress as truthfully as possible!?

Thank you! xx


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