First ArtWork Sold!

I have sold my first piece through my online gallery!


It is quite a surreal feeling, and I am still not sure if I can call myself ‘an Artist’, but I am coming around to the fact that I shall be shipping my Art: ‘The Passion Behind Her Eyes’ off to be proudly displayed in someones home, who have chosen her specifically, and who will look at her and go: ‘oh that’s lovely’.

My Art? Someone has purchased My painting?  For Their home? Crikey.

How about that? ūüôā






Donating Artwork!

I visited The ArtHouse Cafe in Southampton when a friend of mine showcased her artwork there, and I thought it was a lovely place.  Very friendly, not for profit type of affair like an Aladdins Cave filled with gorgeous paintings, vintage clothing, hand made jewellery and not forgetting yummy cakes and teas (I am a tea freak).

I befriended them on Twitter and Facebook with the idea of following their news and maybe that I would approach them once I felt I had a few paintings of acceptable quality to offer a wee gallery such as this.  Although last night they submitted a post of which caught my attention.  They advertised (amoung a couple of other things) for people, if they so inclined to donate to their not-for-profit venue and if you also so inclinex you could donate a piece of art work.

This I could do!

It was a perfect gesture I could make, with benifits for a lovely local arty venue and I would be able to introduce myself in a ‘I am a new artist, but I am selfless and humble’ manner.¬† Smiles all round!


Check them out and give them a follow, they have loads going on.. always have some funky live bands, fun sessions for families and great mini festival, art and craft type days. Definately worth a look-in, maybe they could be the right venue to showcase your artwork in too ūüėČ

Online Art Gallery: Selling my art to the world!

I have been accepted to sell my art through!  Not only do I get exposure but I can actively sell my pieces through this website.  Brilliant stuff!  I guess I should get back into the studio and seriously put my ideas to canvas.. no more slacking!

Online Gallery: Selling My Art to the World!

I now have my works displayed online with Artists & they are a fantastic website to showcase and sell your art through, full of helpfull information and tips plus it is  very straightforward to use and provides heaps of coverage!

I have chosen to keep to a free membership for now, as I am just starting out.¬† I get to show my artwork on my own page, with a¬†post about myself, a photo¬†and information with each of my paintings.¬† If anyone is interested in my artwork they can contact me directly.¬† If I want to go ‘PortfolioPlus’ I have the option to pay a couple of pounds monthly (brilliant) or the full payment which is under ¬£30 and I’ll get the full whack: blog, I can sell through the website with full exposure etc. for a year. ¬†It’s a pretty neat package.

At¬†the moment¬†I’m aiming to get a few¬†artworks together for a portfolio as I only have about 4 paintings that I feel fairly confident about to¬†show.¬† I am¬†experimenting with different¬†mediums and different subjects, finding inspiration¬†through new techniques and re-making projects that¬†I was not happy with before, as I develop my style and skill.¬†¬†Exciting¬†stuff!

So watch ¬†space.. you can now¬†follow my progress on Facebook, keep up with me on Twitter,¬†view¬†work in progress on here¬†and¬†my artwork on the new online gallery.¬† Please feel free to leave feedback any input and advice would be greatly appreciated.¬†¬†New¬†pieces coming soon!¬†ūüėČ

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