Kicking Into The Proverbial Gear..

Well here we are in the month of April already.  Where the hell do the days go?  The sunshine has deserted us and the rain seems to hinder any attempts to encourage any spring-type activity.  Boo.


It’s been very high and low already this year.  I just want to bury my head in the sand and sleep until I magically end up somewhere else with some bloody sun and no trace of anyone I know.  Who’s with me?!  I’m serious.  But.. no progress comes from feeling sorry for one’s self for too long.  A good gripe with a jug of cider (I’m back into my cider these days, a beautiful cider hole is literally  but one minutes walk from my new home haha) and a paintbrush can do miracles.


I have decided to dig my dusty paintbrushes from the back of the cupboard, sharpen my blunt pencils and drag out the warped canvas.  I mustn’t forget the table-cloth over the new rustic wooden table or The Dorchester shall string me up, so don’t let me get too carried away.

We have since moved house to the ‘posh part’ of Southsea, to a lovely terraced cottage-type place – all wood and cosy, we have a dog called Mister Guss and we have a modest garden (bugger off rain) that is the happy part of recent events.  I no longer have my painting space so I must be very careful not to get trigger happy *slurps more cider* or The Dorchester will have my neck.. we are renting you see and it’s not our furniture.

I am hoping to kick myself back in to gear now we have settled in, so expect a bit of a move around on my humble page here, and eventually some new paintings.  It feels very homely, much more like a living space which has started to do wonders for my creative side.  I have been partaking in Free Art Fridays – a bloody fantastic little thing you can do to share your work with the world, have some fun and feel good because someone, somewhere, has found a little hand-made gift.. if only people would actually post a pic or a message to say they found it on my Facbook page, like my little note says. Oh well, you can’t have everything.


I would post photos of our little family and the new awesome digs (and all the lovely food I’ve been creating in our mahoosive kitchen, hell yes)  but I lost my phone which is where all my photos are!  You can stop by  and snoop about and see what I’ve been up to 🙂

Speak again soon – ZLouan

Check out my favorite inspirational tracks of this moment:

Ben Howard – Everything

Ben Howard – Only Love

Bjork – All is full of love

Pantera – Walk

Kills – Future Starts Slow


Cut My Wings

‘Cut my wings
Shot me down I cannot fly

When I lay my head down
On my bed I sure do cry

Cap’n how long
Must I stand your evil ways

One day I get outta here
It’s gonna be your very last day’


Again, SeaSick Steve.  But I don’t think I need to say why 😉


Timo Maas – Seasick Steve

7  – 1/2 hr painting session today.. intense!  Needed to have some good tunes while I was on it, these are a couple of my faves:

Timo Maas – O.C.B

I was bopping around with my cuppa to this, love it!


Seasick Steve – I Don’t Know Why She Loves Me But She Do

He is such a dude.  Currently thinking about jumping across the pond to see him at ‘Guitar – en – Scene’ in France end of this month!

Enjoy! 😉

You don’t need no fancy clothes, where’d you get them, goodness knows

The Black Keys

You hum this for hours every time I hear it!

Oooh eee ooohh I look just like buddy holly… 🙂

Painting Playlist

One of my favourite songs on my playlist, enjoy!

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