It’s Been A While..

It’s been a while (there’s a song there, somewhere) since I have mustered up the ability to sit down at this computer, specifically stop, think about and write about what has been occurring..  It’s been an eventful 2-3 weeks and I have neglected my internet social circles, only popping on to display new paintings and pop onto Twitter for a quick how-do-you-do.  For that I apologise, I have had (thanks to the old email updates) a quick nosey at what everyone else has been up to now and then which is always good 😉

The last time I had a good natter was when we had just received our visitor.  Oh My Days.  Our home has barely survived, Sylvester practically became a street cat, we almost divorced each other.  As lovely as Molly-The-Hyper-Active-St.Bernard-who-thought-she-was-small-enough-to-be-a-bouncy-puppy is, she was just Too Big!  On walks she would pull on the lead and you were in danger of being dragged behind her, hanging on for dear life with both hands like in the cartoons (you dare not let her go, she would be off, scaring the life out of small children and their perants.  Probably run off with a small child thinking they were playing ball).  With slobber all over tables, chairs, clothes, hair all over EVERYTHING and Poos as big as small cats were too much for us.  The good thing about all this though is My Dorchester and I have decided that we are definitely not parent material.   The loved up ‘I-love-you-so-much-I-want-your-babies’ fluffyness has been satisfactorily squished and brushed under the sofa for now, for fear the baby/ies will be shoved into the garden every other hour of the day, never to be allowed in any of the rooms in the house and locked in the living room while we relax and enjoy such things as  clean clothes.

Safe to say Sylvester is OK now.  He did not run off and live with a quiet old lady down the road, and he has not stressed himself out and made himself ill again (touch wood. Long storey).  Satisfied the monster has finally been vanquished from his castle home, he has rubbed himself along every possible piece of furniture in the house and is back into his usual routine of scratching and meowing to be let outside the front door just as I fall asleep at night and meowing at our bedroom window at 6am to be let back in the front door, then scratching at the bedroom door to be fed half an hour later (Why would we need children when we have the cat which is like one, anyway?).

Good news though!  I have finally got my hands on a new job  9-5!  Evenings, weekends, bank holidays, Christmases and New Years off, Hurrah! (I’m a ‘normal’ person again!)  I went to a couple of interviews in the past week, one good, one not so good I haven’t even heard back from the interview (don’t ask).  It got to the point I was very stressed out, the situation at my office and the situation I was in, it made me very down and low.  It was getting progressively worse at the company, I had bad hours and could not get my head in gear and find time to study, I could not sleep properly and altogether made me not a very nice person to share a space with.  But fortunately, thanks to a friend of ours (who had also worked for the same company and so knew what it was like) I was put in touch with an agency and have a position which is within the same industry but a Good step up. WooHoo!!

But during this hectic period I kept painting at least.  I am the type of person who needs to find a way to be productive, within anything, even if it is not the intended finished subject, it helps to keep the mind positive.

‘With all it’s sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world’ – Desiderata

I experimented with ‘Finger Painting’.  I love this style, I love the fact I make a painting with my actual hands.  I made a couple of Sunset ‘Abstract Landscape’ types this way and they came out pretty good, I like the expressionist style, I love the way the paint blends and sits on the canvas, I like how your eyes are not given the direct and completed picture, your imagination needs to play a part to see the scene.  This is, in my opinion, one of a few fantastic styles like this, because the person viewing the painting gets more involved than with just getting a completed pretty picture to look at.  You get to find your own picture within the painting and I think it becomes more personal.

I have also made a painting for an old friend who I recently came back into contact with.  We share birthdays a few days apart and being as it’s such a fantastic thing to be back in each others lives (she literally lives just down the road from us, as it turns out) I thought making a painting would be something nice to do.

I am currently trying to master figures.  I love the shape of the human body, and I used to be able to sketch them but I seem to have lost the ability with paint.  I would love to create facial expressions to go with the emotional shades of colour I like to use, maybe it is because I am older and have lost the sight/imagination I used to be able to freely grasp (or it could be just the fact I cannot draw faces?!) but practise makes perfect, as they say.

My Dorchester bought me some art stuff for my birthday a week ago.  I have only just mustered up enough courage to use the lovely acrylic paints he bought (they come in a foil tube and everything) I would never buy myself those because I am in no way confident in my ability to be happy with what I paint enough to spend that type of money, I just go for the plastic Reeves acrylics still which do me fine.   As if to panic me further, painting this new painting, I have ended up painting over it Twice, because I could not seem to find the right colours, and was not happy with it.. but maybe it could have been the fact I was so concious of wanting to get it perfect that I messed it up?

My Dorchester and I  heatedly disagreed about this one, I asked him what he thought, he told me ‘I dunno babe, it’s not my favourite, the colours are a bit bland like, why don’t you just paint an Abstract Landscape?’ I could have bitten his head off.  I posted an ‘In Progress’ picture on Facebook too.  A friend of mine commented: ‘What’s wrong with her boobs?’ (she is Danish and she is quite brash with her words) I said: ‘They are quite big’ She says: ‘They are deformed!’ I say: ‘Is it that bad?’ To which she replied: ‘Depends what your trying to say’.  At this point I was pissed off, thinking: ‘Can’t anyone look at a painting that’s not obviously a true representation and not expect a perfect replica of whatever it is?!’ My Dorchester pointed out, why did I post on Facebook if I didn’t want comments?  I advised I wanted comments but I want them coated in sugar (I storm off at this point to re-do the boobs).  I replied to my Danish friend: ‘I am not trying to say anything, just wanted to paint a figure, and at this point she seems to be suffering abnormal boobs.’  To which my Danish friend replies; ‘Well no one is perfect, I guess!’.

To finish off my post I have added a few tunes for you enjoy..

It’s Been A While – Stained

From My Painting Playlist 🙂

Faithless & Dido – Flowerstand Man

Eels – Beautiful Freak

I shall try my best to write another, more constructive and informative blog soon.. Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! 😉


Eyes on the Prize, Guys.. Eyes on the Prize!

It is now the 1st August and my 29th birthday at the end of the month.   About two years ago I gave myself untill I was 30 to get myself out of the black hole and get myself a good job for the long term, pass my driving test and get out of dodge..


I have moved out of dodge and in the process found my lovely man person- Tick!
So far: I officially start my Bookkeeping course today, I am three months into my Customer Service NVQ, I have all my paintings so far accepted onto my online gallery, my lover is steaming away within his job, my sister is doing fantastically well with hers’ while looking after two spirited little ones and my other sister (after a good grand and a half, mind!) has passed her driving test just the second time!  -Thats A Tick!

The reason behind my ‘gushing’, (I am very excitable, you realise 😉 ) is after 9 months of nothing, I have two job opportunities offered today!!

So I am here to spread some of my positive energy to the masses and encorage all of those who feel stuck and discoraged to keep your eyes on the prize and even if it is little, you will accomplish and move forward.. every little accomplishment is a giant step to where you want to be and there are people alongside you giving you a friendly push 😉 xx






Happy Hump Day, Everybody!! 😀

New Paintings In Progress

Just a couple of new paintings on the way, I like to view my work in progress as I go, it gives me a clean perspective each time I look back..  I also still get quite excited about my work and I am a bit impatient to show pieces off (and why shouldn’t anyone?!) plus see what sort of reaction people give (if any) and also I am a shameless self promoter of course 😉

Any comments/advice would be great.. Thanks! xx

Keeping the juices flowing.. (Take 2..)

I have two days off this week, so hopefully this will mean two whole days of painting time!  As it happens, now I have figured out how to do these photos and written the blog of what happened to alleviate the pain, it is now 2.30pm..(Please see ‘Techno Failure Rage’).

I have found that finding the time to sit and become immersed in your creativity at the same time as your creativity wanting to get in line is a tricky thing.  All of the day to day cr*p we deal with that demands our time, as well as making sure we do not forget the people we share our time with, does not generally leave much time for ourselves.  Whether it be a soak in the bath with your favourite book for an hour, finding a couple of hours to go through your blogs andfellow bloggers/Twitter/FB Page or sitting and studying for a couple of hours, or just hopping on the train to go and see your best mates new place, time seems to be so much shorter for all of the things we want to fit in.


Scheduling a bath or whatever is one thing.. but you cannot schedule your brain to study or paint (Well, I cannot seem to do that, anyway).  So my plan is going to be two to three hours for study time and blogging (it has taken me three hours to write my blogs and re-do this one) which should be ample time for my brain to get in gear and then that canvas is going to be all mine for the full day..  a bottle of wine, my Chinwags from Dorchester, a couple of canvases, some good tunes = Good times!

It is all I shall really get in the next couple of weeks to finish my two projects, the coming weekends are pretty full.  It is my Knight in Shining Armour, Dorchesters’ birthday next weekend we have a chocca weekend planned for that (of which I cannot speak at this time *wink*) and then a lovely lady friends’ birthday the next so it is all go at the moment!

Together with shift work at the telesales office I unfortunately work and seem to be stuck at (of which a few people around this small globe can most probably relate to in some way, I am sure) grabbing a few hours of pure unadulterated shameless cleansing for the soul can be tricky.

Every day I try and remind myself that even though there are so many things grabbing at you, demanding your time, testing your sanity, chipping away at the protective shield you have tried to keep built to protect what resistance you have from the Cr*p that keeps testing you, there are still so many things to be thankful for..

Thankfully I can look around and count on one hand, some wonderful things and people that keep my bubble from popping, and I can keep painting some pretty OK pictures 🙂


Techno Failure Rage..

(This contains a gross cartoon video expressing my computer rage. Apologies.)

So I have had a total nightmare with WordPresses ‘add media’ function, which has ended up with me deleting my last post ‘Keeping the juices flowing..’ to start again.

I will be the first to admit I have no patience, you will find me giving abuse to the system at work which is constantly in a state of disarray.  I cannot sit for hours on end trying to figure out an awkward system function.. time is too precious and it infuriates the hell out of me for another thing.  Now I was in a furious mood and I have deleted a perfectly fine post and given myself another job to re-do it when I could be focusing on, say, a bubblebath?!

Does anyone else get this burning urge to punch their computer screen in Neanderthal fury after three failed attempts with any type of program?  Better still throw the keyboard and anything else to hand at the head of the person who suggests to ‘google the problem’?

Having only recently started to shout about my fair ability to use a paintbrush I am still learning about the Facebook Fan Page thing, Twitter thing, online gallery thing and essentially ‘Blogging’.  I have a general Facebook account and this is about it, so I am learning as I go, following other bloggers/twitters lead etc.

My lovely man, Dorchester, in the end helped me set up my WordPress blog after having enough of hearing me cursing in the next room as I could not get my head around all of the potential bloggers options out there.  Every now and then he adds his two pence worth, he has made a couple of good points (like the buttons/apps for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. to link things together and share pages and all that, that I still cannot for the life of me work out how to do) he mentioned I need to make my blog easier to read with regards to photos to break up the writing, which would make it more attractive to the reader and also easier to read.  I did agree with this point.

He also made a comment saying my posts were ‘Contrived’ …

Now, as I read back on my early first posts I think I could probably agree in part.  My posts are literally about paintings I had done for certain people and excited ramblings on projects, just some content to start off with was my aim.  Now, when he made this comment I had just posted ‘Keeping the juices flowing..’ earlier that day which was actually my first ‘proper’ completly honest blog I had written, which I will take this point to add, he in fact admitted He Had Not Read.

I thought that was quite funny.

I one morning just gone I thought I would edit my pictures in my recent blog, following his advice, in the hour I had spare before my 1-10pm late shift that evening.  It turns out it was not that simple.  You cannot just ‘edit’ the photos you have already added to a new place in your blog, oh no!  They all get re-entered into that place and from my figuring you have to re-load them and enter one at a time and for the love of the Man Jesus what the hell??!!  Why can it not be simple and straight forward for Techno Novices like myself who just want to click here and there and get it done so I can go out to the pub garden on a nice day which is very goddamn rare in Britain?!!

Hence my Techo Failure Rage.

My Lovely Man Dorchester will never be allowed to comment on my progress again.  He is not helpful.  He has since also admitted he does not know how to and has not yet figured out how to (even though he has been banging on about ‘Social Media’ whatevers) input the Apps and Buttons he kept mentioning.  I have decided unless he shows genuine, positive encouragement and interest to his Lady’s projects he will be barred from making any kind of input Ever.

So the lesson I have learnt this week is: Don’t listen to anyone and if you do, make up your own mind.

I have since accepted I am a shameless self promoter, I do not care if I sound a bit ‘contrived’, I do not care if it takes me a year and I have to pay someone to show me but I will figure out at my own speed how to do those godforsaken buttons and also, who cares anyway, I have only been ‘blogging’ and ‘Twittering’ for about two months?!!

As someone once said, ‘If you can’t say something nice.. then don’t stick your nose in if your not going to be helpful.’

Dorchester has since bought some lovely flowers and cheese.. so he has redeemed himself, a bit 🙂

Monkeys In Progress .2

The next post on these handsome chaps will be once they are completed!  But as you can tell I like to show a little on new pieces, I thought it would be interesting to show works of art in progress not just once completed, you get to see how the artwork comes into creation 😉

These monkeys have been in creation for about a month and a half (we had a little recess) but if you cannot tell already I am quite excited that completion is very near!  I heard about the four monkeys in a random conversation once and thought they would make a great piece of art, something a little different to the norm as a lot of people only hear about the three monkeys.  Yet again Wiki provides all the answers to curiosities! 

Monkeys In Progress

The Monkeys are back under way! I have more material and a new gust of inspiration, I can’t wait to see these chaps finished.  I think they will make a great set and I have a few ideas for them for future projects, I expect to keep myself busy!

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