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Being quite a bookworm when I was a child this immidiately spirited me back to my memories.  Famous Five was also a favorite, The Faraway Tree, Wind in the Willows to name a few.  This blog was so touching I had to re-press.  It brought to mind thoughts of one day sitting with my own child and sharing the magical, exciting moments that only a book can open.



Desiderata – My Reminder

‘With all it’s sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world’ Desiderata


A Beautiful quote to remember.

I designed a tattoo with this quote in Latin.  Wonderfully translated by a great bloke I met at a beer festival ‘Mr Swerve’.  (I still owe him a bottle of Pimms or two for his time, I think.. I shall get that to you one day soon, Mr Swerve! xx)

I wanted to capture this quote as it is fantastically inspiring to me, reminding me that nothing is so bad that you should let yourself go.  That if you try hard enough, you can make changes for yourself however small.  The Chrysanthemum was my late Grandfather and Grandmothers favourite flower, and also mine.

They were a great inspiration to me and ‘Nanny’ was brilliantly talented with many things; they both made dolls houses, dolls house furniture, ‘Gaga’ (I couldn’t say Granddad) made boats, wooden bowls etc.  Nanny made china dolls, tried to teach me Tapestry, knitting, she painted with oils and watercolours.  I never did pick up knitting or tapestry though!

It was through her I became creative,  she taught me life’s valuable lessons like ‘treat people the way you yourself would like to be treated’, never to be judgemental towards people.  My mother, Liz, left when I was about two and Nanny (my mothers mum) was there, she largely shaped who I am today.  My Father was mostly preoccupied trying to live his life as well as be a father, they were both very young, he was 19 Liz was 16.

Gaga – Mac, passed away from a heart attack a few years before her and as Nanny – Daphney – was the one who had been ill everyone was shocked.  Nanny was a very strong woman, she battled a stroke and cancer twice (they never let on to me exactly what went on as I was too young, apparently) as well as the loss of her husband, but unfortunately when cancer came a third time she decided she had had enough.  This was early December about 5 years ago.

And so Desiderata for me holds a lot of meaning.  I have been very lucky through my life and one day soon I shall have my tattoo completed (It is still a sketch on my skin right now, so fingers crossed I will eventually sell some paintings and afford to get it finished!?).  A reminder to me every morning, noon and night to be thankful, that life is still beautiful and full of precious people and memories who inspire and encourage 😉

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